Thermal Engineering Lab.
Department of Mechanical Engineering, SAGA University

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Current Address:

Dr. Kenji ISHIDA
Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Saga University

1 Honjo-machi, Saga, 840-8502
TEL: (+81)-952-28-8619
FAX: (+81)-952-28-8587
E-mail : ishida@



Bachelor of Engineering:
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan, 1990.
Master of Engineering:
Keio University, 1992.
Doctor of Engineering:
Keio University, 1996.

Title of doctor thesis:

Development of new experimental method for analyzing adsorption phenomena on multicomponet-liquid surfaces.


Research Fields: Environmental Thermal Science & Engineering

- Hydrogen storing system / Hydrogen station

- Absorption refrigerator / heat pumps

- Measurements of thermophysical properties

- Visualization and analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomena


Research Projects:

- Development of dew and frost point measurements technique and estimation for residual water and CO2 in hydrogen under high pressure and low temperature conditions

- Image Analysis for surface tension and contact angle analysis .

- Modeling and simulation of phase transitions of adsorbed layers at solution surfaces.

- Correlation between surface-tension-driven flows and phase transitions of adsorbed layers at alcohol solution surfaces.



- Advanced Thermodynamics (graduate course)

- Advanced Thermal Engineering (graduate course)

- Introduction to Thermal Engineering

- Introduction to Energy Systems


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SAGA University